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Magnetized Water - How to Structure Water with Magnets

Image of a water vortex

Have you ever heard of structured water? It’s not just another buzzword in the wellness community; it’s a fascinating glimpse into the molecular dance that makes water, well, water! Structured water, also known as magnetized water, is not your ordinary H2O. It’s water that has been arranged in a specific, organized pattern, mimicking the hydration-efficient structure found in natural springs and cellular fluids This organization isn't just for show; it makes structured water a superstar at hydrating, detoxifying, and energizing our bodies.

Why am I so excited about this? With a little help from our friend, science, and a dash of DIY, we can recreate this hydrating marvel at home using magnets. Yes, you read that right—magnets! Stick with me, and I'll show you how to structure water with magnets, turning your tap water into a powerhouse of hydration and health benefits.

What is Structured Water?

Structured water, H3O2, is a form of water in which molecules are organized in a specific, repeating pattern. Each water molecule is like a tiny magnet with its own north and south poles. These molecules align in a lattice, creating a repeating hexagonal pattern. This arrangement occurs naturally in water from pristine natural springs, where it has interacted dynamically with minerals, the magnetic fields of the earth, and sunlight. The intercellular fluids of fruits, vegetables, and our own body also contained structured water. This highly ordered state enhances water's solvency and ability to store and transmit energy.

Science Behind Structured Water

The science of structured water is grounded in the work of several researchers who suggest that this form of water might be more beneficial for hydration and cellular health due to its structured molecular arrangement. Dr. Gerald Pollack, one of the leading figures in this field, has significantly advanced our understanding of structured water, which he identifies as "Exclusion Zone" (EZ) water. According to his research, EZ water forms at interfaces where water meets hydrophilic surfaces, and it possesses distinct physical properties, such as a higher viscosity, differing light absorption, and a negative charge. This structured layer of water is said to exclude particles and solutes, hence the name. Dr. Pollack's studies suggest that EZ water is crucial for biological processes—it acts as a battery, helping to power cellular activities by generating a charge when exposed to light.

Health Benefits of Structured Water

The benefits of structured water are vast, primarily based on its superior hydration, and impact various aspects of health:

  • Enhanced Hydration: Due to its organized molecular structure, it penetrates cells more easily, enhancing hydration at a cellular level.

  • Improved Nutrient Absorption: It helps transport nutrients to cells more effectively and ensures that vitamins and minerals are more readily available for use.

  • Toxin Removal: It aids in the efficient removal of waste and toxins from cells, preventing buildup and promoting health.

  • Energy Increase: Structured water can contribute to increased cellular energy, reducing fatigue and boosting vitality.

Understanding and harnessing the potential of structured water can be a game changer for optimizing your health in a natural and effective way.

Natural Sources of Structured Water

Structured water is naturally present in the world around us. Understanding the various sources can help you access the highest quality water available.

  • Mountain Springs and Glaciers: Water flowing from mountain springs or melting glaciers is naturally structured due to its movement and interaction with natural minerals and the geomagnetic field of the earth. These waters travel through twists and turns, vortex-like movements that naturally structure the water.

  • Rivers and Streams: The continuous movement of water in rivers and streams, especially where there are rapid turns or waterfalls, can structure water by naturally aerating it and allowing it to absorb beneficial minerals from the surroundings.

  • Rainwater: Rainwater can be considered structured because it condenses from evaporated water that has been exposed to sunlight and the earth's magnetic field in the atmosphere.

Wondering where to find this pristine spring water? I always turn to I regularly use this site to discover and harvest the freshest spring water. Exploring new springs has even become a beloved travel tradition.

Can’t access natural structured water nearby? No problem! In our next section, I’ll guide you through creating structured water at home so you can enjoy the benefits no matter where you are.

How to Structure Water with Magnets

Structuring water with magnets taps into a fascinating blend of science and nature’s secrets, allowing you to mimic nature's method of revitalizing your water.

Why do magnets structure water?

Magnets act like tiny architects, designing the flow of water molecules. By strategically placing magnets around a water pipe or container, we generate what’s known as a magnetic vortex. This isn’t random chaos; it’s a deliberate swirl, reminiscent of the eddies and spirals seen in naturally flowing rivers.

Water molecules are polar, having a positive and a negative end, much like magnets themselves. When exposed to a magnetic field, these molecules align neatly, creating a smooth, ordered flow. As they move through this organized field, they start spinning, forming a vortex that structures the water, arranging the molecules in a ordered pattern that echoes the structure of living, moving water.

Setting Up Your Home Magnetic Water System

Graphic of how to place magnets on a pipe to create structured water.

Here is your step-by-step guide to magnetizing water: you’ll need eight strong magnets, duct tape, and a DIY spirit.

  1. Locate the Water Pipe: Choose the water pipe where you’ll attach the magnets.

  2. Prepare Your Magnets: Gather eight strong neodymium magnets with a surface gauss of at least 1000.

  3. Arrange Magnets: Place the magnets in an alternating pattern around the pipe.

  4. Secure with Duct Tape: Use duct tape to firmly attach the magnets to the pipe.

  5. Set and Forget: Once the magnets are in place, they continuously structure the water flowing through the pipe.

In my home, I have this set up attached directly to the water main entering my house. For an extra boost, I've also placed magnets under the sinks in my kitchen and bathroom, ensuring the water's structure at all points of use. While my drinking water is freshly harvested from a spring and naturally structured, I've noticed that structured water from my setup reduces scale buildup and helps my plants thrive.

How Long Does Water Stay Structured?

Structured water retains its unique molecular arrangement until disrupted by external factors like filtration or chemical treatment, but the duration of time isn't fully established. So it's wise to enjoy it soon after it's been structured.

Magnetized Water on Vacation

Discovering the difference of structured water was a game-changer for me, and it's a trick I carry with me everywhere—even on vacation! On a trip to Florida, where I rented a house with friends, I faced the challenge of not having access to fresh spring water so I used my magnets to structure the water in the kitchen.

Initially, my friends were skeptical—let's be honest, it does sound a bit odd if you're new to it. To demonstrate the difference, I had everyone taste and smell the water before I applied the magnets. The strong chlorine smell was unmistakable. After setting up the magnets to structure the water, we conducted another taste test. Remarkably, the chlorine smell had vanished, and the water tasted significantly better! My friends were astounded by the change and eager to structure their home's water with magnets. Now, I always travel with my magnets, not just for my body but to structure my water.


Embracing structured water in your daily routine is more than just a step towards healthier hydration—it's about reconnecting with the natural rhythms of the environment and enhancing your well-being. By understanding and implementing this water structuring technique at home, you'll not only improve the quality of your water but also enhance its life-supporting properties. Whether you're looking to reduce contaminants or simply enjoy water that feels fresher and tastes better, structuring water with magnets offers a simple yet profound way to achieve these goals. Start your journey towards revitalized hydration today, and feel the difference with every sip.


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