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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Biomagnetism?

It is a powerful holistic therapy that balances the pH of the body using medium intensity (1,000+ gauss) magnets. It stimulates normal system functions, increased circulation and oxygenation, stimulates detoxification pathways, normalizes the body's inflammatory response, and helps release emotional traumas held deep in the body's memory. It is thought that pH imbalances can accumulate and combine to create an environment susceptible to the development of disease.   

What are the side effects of Biomagnetism?

The magnets used for the therapy do not impact the body in a negative way and there are no known negative side effects from Biomagnetic Therapy. Although, as with any approach that brings balance to the body, a "healing crisis" may occur. This is normal and only lasts for a short time while your body adjusts. 

What is a "Healing Crisis"?

A healing crisis is the result of long stored toxins being dislodged and pathogens releasing endotoxins as they die off. When the toxins and cellular waste are dislodged, the body flushes them into the bloodstream to be filtered and eliminated. This sudden circulation of toxins can temporarily impact your well-being and symptoms of illness may occur. The indications that you are experiencing a healing crisis can include headache, nausea, low grade fever, muscle aches, mood swings, etc. A healing crisis generally lasts from a few hours to a few days, depending on the individual and the severity of their situation. Please respect your body’s needs during this time by getting adequate rest, staying well hydrated, and avoiding unnecessary stress.  

Will Biomagnetism interfere with other therapies or treatments?

Biomagnetism therapy is an integrative alternative therapy that is compatible with any other therapy type, alternative or conventional, including chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Who is NOT a candidate for Biomagnetism?

All individuals, regardless of their current health condition or treatment plan, may benefit from Biomagnetic Pair Therapy.  

If, however, you are pregnant, have a pacemaker, insulin pump or other electromagnetic implant please communicate with your therapist to see if Biomagnetism is appropriate for you.

How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions required is determined on an individual basis. Some issues only require one session to see significant improvement. Chronic or complex issues may require more sessions. On average, after the initial session, follow up is recommended in 4-8 weeks. The recommended timing for follow up will be determined at the end of each session.

I do not live locally, can you help me?

Absolutely. There are multiple approaches for assisting clients that do not live locally. One of the most popular options is a virtual consult. We will discuss your health concerns and come up with an individualized plan for you to implement at home. Contact us to help determine which approach is best for you. 

Is Biomagnetism covered by insurance?

Unfortunately, Biomagnetism is not covered by insurance. You can pay for your session with a Health Care Flexible Spending Account. 

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