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Children Embracing in Circle

Pediatric Conditions and Biomagnetic Pair Therapy

When you heal a child, you heal a family.

When you heal a child, you heal a family. There are few situations in life more stressful than having a sick child. Most childhood illnesses are not serious and resolve quickly, however, it is estimated a troubling 30% of children suffer from chronic illness. Finding an effective and holistic approach for addressing the wide range of childhood complaints can be daunting.

Biomagnetism is an ideal modality for addressing pediatric conditions. A skilled therapist can identify areas of imbalances specific to your child’s condition. The therapy can also be used to promote detoxification and recovery from injuries. Effective yet so gentle it can be use on the youngest of babies. Biomagnetism is simple enough, family members can easily learn how to place magnets to address common childhood complaints. This reduces the number of needed sessions and can improve the overall health of the family.  

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