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Emotional Conflicts, Traumas and Biomagnetism

The connection between emotional health and physical health has long been understood. Today we call this the mind-body connection, but it was described and understood by all traditional healing systems including Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Traditional European Herbalism, Homeopathy and many more. Explaining the connection from a vibrational, energetic standpoint helps us understand how Biomagnetic therapy can be a useful tool for addressing emotional conflicts and traumas.

Healers throughout history have understood the body and elements of the world from an energetic standpoint. Everything in the world is constructed of energetic molecules, electrons, protons, and neurons, that form atoms. In simple terms we, the world around us, and the emotions we experience are just energy vibrating at different frequencies.

The human experience is full of emotional conflicts and traumas. We usually process these conflicts naturally with no long-term impact. Occasionally, however, an especially strong emotional conflict or traumatic experience will “shake us to our core”. The frequency or vibration of the conflict is so strong it creates an energetic imbalance within us. The conflict then becomes trapped or stuck within us. When an emotion becomes stuck it is difficult to move on from it; part of our body is now continually vibrating at that frequency. Not only does this create emotional distress, but when experienced for a prolonged period can foster physical illnesses.

Biomagnetism is a powerful therapy for addressing these emotional conflicts and traumas. Through biofeedback and kinesiology a skilled therapist can uncover where the emotions are trapped. The conflicts addressed can range from easily remembered to ones buried deep in the subconscious. Magnets are then placed to help restore the natural and healthy vibration of that area. The trapped emotional conflict or trauma is then released. Releasing the emotions allows us to process it with more ease and reduces its virulence and illness promoting ability.

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