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Woman with glasses holding her stomach

Fungal Infections, Candida Overgrowth and
Biomagnetic Therapy

A healthy gut is the cornerstone of good health. Unfortunately, the stress of modern life is wreaking havoc on this foundational system. A normal healthy gut is home to a wide range of bacteria and yeast. Environmental changes to the body caused by childhood trauma, excessive stress, diets full of processed foods and sugar, and the use of antibiotics can trigger an overgrowth of certain microbes, especially the yeast Candida. This overgrowth, called candidiasis, can cause a wide spectrum of health concerns including oral thrush, chronic fatigue, brain fog, sinus infections, digestive distresses, recurring yeast infections, joint pain, chronic inflammation, and mild depression.

Biomagnetism therapy is a effective modality for addressing this issue. Using biofeedback your therapist will check for energetic and pH imbalances. Those imbalances are then corrected through the precise placement of medium intensity magnets. Once the proper environment is restored the gut can return to a healthy balance. During a Biomagnetic therapy session we are also able to uncover and address emotional traumas which may contribute to an unhealthy gut microbiome.

These same principles can be applied to other fungal overgrowths including foot, nail, and skin fungal infections. 

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