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Detoxification and Biomagnetic Therapy

Detoxification or detoxing are common buzzwords that may make you think of regimented diets or pungent wheatgrass shots. However, it is important to understand what detoxification really is and why it is important. The body normally dispels toxins or unwanted substances on a continual basis. Most of those toxins are the waste products of normal metabolic activity. Unfortunately, our environment has become increasingly contaminated with toxins. This has a compounding impact on the body,

  • The normal detoxification pathways have an increased workload. 

  • This increased workload combined with the increase of toxins weakens the body’s detoxification systems and make them less effective.

It is important to take steps to strengthen these systems and reduce the amount of toxins coming in.

Biomagnetism is helpful in strengthening the body’s detoxification systems. Proper placement of magnets optimizes blood flow and oxygenation to the major detoxification organs, the liver, kidneys, and lymphatic system. Your therapist will also be able to check bioenergetically for any pH imbalances or emotional conflicts that may weaken your detoxification system. A skilled therapist may also be able to detect and balance areas being impacted by specific toxins, such as heavy metals or mycotoxins. This balancing is always done in a gentle and integrated way, reducing unpleasant side effects normally associated with detoxification.

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