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What is Magnet Therapy vs Biomagnetic Pair Therapy?

"I sleep on a magnetic mat. I have a magnet bracelet. Will they interfere with my session? Are they the same thing as what you do? Should I keep using them?" These are questions frequently asked in my office. Usually my answers are short, but, today let's get nerdy and break it down.

Magnet Therapy

Are they (magnetic mats, pads, bracelets, shoe inserts) the same thing as what you do?

No. The principles behind the use of magnetic sleeping pads or bracelets is called Magnet Therapy. Magnet Therapy operates on a different set of principles from Biomagnetic Pair Therapy. Although both therapies use magnets their similarities end there.

Magnet therapy uses single pole magnets and is based on two principles: 1) south pole is analgesic, pain reducing, and 2) north pole is anti-inflammatory. The magnetic fields used are low intensity (usually between 100 to 500 gauss) and are applied for long periods of time, hours or days.

Biomagnetic Pair Therapy, on the other hand, uses pairs of medium intensity magnets (1,000+ gauss) placed in specific locations for a relatively short amount of time (10 to 90 minutes, depending on the latitude of where the therapy is occurring). The proper placement of the magnets is determined by a kinesiology assessment. Biomagnetism functions on the principles of reestablishing the normal pH of specific areas, creating a hostile environment for pathogens.

Will they interfere with my Biomagnetism session?

No. Sleeping on a magnetic mattress pad the night before or arriving for your session wearing a magnetic bracelet will not have an impact on your session. Before starting I ask you to remove any magnetic fields from your body, including physical magnets or electromagnetic fields produced by electronics. I remove those items to establish the energetic baseline of your body without the interference of other energy fields.

Should I keep using them?

Depends. This question does not have a cut and dry answer. One of my core principles is empowering my clients to trust their bodies. Many of us are stuck in our head and have a hard time connecting to the physical; how something made us feel versus what we think about it. Each person's experience with Magnet Therapy is different and valid. If you feel great using your magnetic mattress pad or magnet bracelet, continue to use it. If at first you felt good but now don't notice a difference, take a break. See how you feel not using it. Or alternate between the two. Listen to your body. Pay attention to the differences. You know best what makes your feel good or not.

I personally do not use magnetic devices. I have not noticed a difference in how they make me feel. I also like to know which magnetic pole I'm using. Most magnetic devices do not tell you which pole is interacting with your body. I am also concerned with the extended exposure to a single magnetic pole and its ability to disrupt my body's natural energetic state. If I need to ground and recharge, I do that by going outside and walking barefoot.

What is your experience using Magnetic Therapy devices?


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