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The Biomagnetic Therapist Kit is designed to provide you with everything you need to start your Biomagnetism practice at an affordable rate. Our powerful neodymium magnets are encased in a flexible, buttery soft synthetic leather that is durable, water-resistant, and easy to disinfect.


You will love how soft and easy to use our Biomagnetism magnets are. Your clients will love not having thick, stiff, and uncomfortable biomagnets behind their head and body. Their compact size makes our biomagnets convenient to pack. Whether changing office locations or traveling the world you won't have to worry about making space for your biomagnets. Learn more about our biomagnets. 


Using the right testing shoes make it clear and easy to observe a shift in leg length. Our Biomagnetism therapy shoes are uniquely designed so you will only need one pair to fit all your clients, from toddler to XXL. Their velcro closure makes them easy to fit snuggly on your client's foot. Now you don't have to muscled test with your client's dirty, worn-out shoes with uneven soles. Our shoes are beautifully handcrafted and designed to last for years.


The kit contains:

10 Pairs - Small 0.5 inch neodymium Biomagnetic magnets

12 Pairs - Medium 1.0 inch neodymium Biomagnetic magnets

5 Pairs - Large 1.5 inch neodymium Biomagnetic magnets

1 Pair - Biomagnetism Testing Shoes


A $760 value! 


Gauss Strength: Approximately 1500 surface gauss.


Biomagnet Care - Do not expose your biomagnets to temperatures above 175 F. High heat will destroy their magnetism. To extend their life do not allow the edges of the material to fold over when stacking and storing your biomagnets. After every session remove any tape from them.


Eco Mags - Biomagnetic Health is committed to sustainability. We are proud to offer the first biomagnet recycling program. If the material encasing your biomagnets become worn from use send them back to us. We will recycle the biomagnets and you will get 20% off your next Biomagnetism magnet purchase. Contact us for the shipping address and discount code. The Eco Mags recycling program only applies to biomagnets purchased from Biomagnetic Health.


At Biomagnetic Health we are passionate about caring for our community and the environment. We are reducing our carbon footprint by reusing as much packaging material as possible. Every component of our biomagnets is produced by other small businesses in the US most within 90 miles of our manufacturing site. The vendors we work with were carefully selected for their quality products and their commitment to sustainability and social justice. You are contributing to a healthier community with every purchase.


Woman Owned Business

Committed to Sustainability

Made and Manufactured in the USA

Biomagnetic Therapist Kit

  • Do not expose your magnets to temperatures above 175 F. High heat will destroy their magnetism. To extend their life do not allow the edges of the material to fold over when stacking and storing your magnets. After every session remove any tape from them. It is recommended to use Biomagnetism tape or other light adhesive tape

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