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Biomagnetism for Seasonal Allergies

Spring had sprung in the Mid-Atlantic. The days are getting longer, birds are singing, trees and bushes are bursting with flowers, my car is coated in a thick layer of yellow pollen, and the sneezing and sniffling of allergy season can be heard all around.

The first spring I lived in Baltimore I was gardening up a storm. Digging, planting, raking, mulching all in a dense haze of pollen. I called my mom complaining about a cold I was fighting for about 3 weeks. My nose would not stop running, my eyes and throat were itching and cold medicine was not helping. I would feel better inside with air conditioning which struck me as odd. I am not a fan of air conditioning, to me spring and summer are free sauna season, but that spring I was looking for any excuse to be in air conditioning. My mother filled me to the sad fact that I had developed seasonal allergies. I could not believe it! Until then I had been one of the lucky few to navigate through the year allergy free.

Over the next few years, I learned to stockpile Zyrtec, Allegra, and Claritin whenever they were on sale. If a friend sniffled, I had a bottle of pills and tissue at the ready. Conventional methods of addressing my allergies were not providing long term relief and in fact each year my symptoms became worse.

When I started receiving Biomagnetism sessions it was late summer and seasonal allergies were the least of my health concerns. However, come the following spring my allergy symptoms had significantly improved. Improvements to my allergies were not something I was expecting from Biomagnetism. Now years down the road I have zero allergy symptoms. I went through my medicine cabinet this winter and threw out my old allergy meds, they all expired years ago.

The question now stands, how can Biomagnetism help with seasonal allergies? Although there are a few pairs correlated to exaggerated allergic responses, what has a bigger impact is having a balanced body. Although common, suffering from allergies is not normal. They are a sign of a body in a compromised state. As we reduce the number of pH imbalances we decrease the pathogenic load, improve detoxification, and clear up stagnant emotions. All of this reduces the chronic stress load on the body, allowing it to better handle short-term stresses like seasonal allergies.

On to the nitty gritty of placing magnets. These are some of my favorite pairs for addressing the allergy complaints of a running nose and sinus congestion. You will want to place magnets bilaterally around the sinus and eye area. When placing bilateral magnet pairs, IE right eyebrow-left eyebrow, the black side of the magnet faces the skin on the right side of the body and the red side of the magnet faces the skin on the left side of the body. The images demonstrate the side of the magnet that should be facing the skin.

If you don’t have enough magnets to place all those pairs at once start at the bottom, the maxillary sinuses, and work your way up. You want to clear the lower sinuses first to make it easier for the upper sinuses to drain. You can purchase the Biomagnetism magnets in my store.

Still feeling like you need more guidance placing your magnets? Check out my Resource Gallery! I’ll walk you through dozens of easy to follow Biomagnetism protocols. You don’t need to be a pro to use Biomagnetism to heal yourself. All of the subscription levels have the Sinus Support and General Detox Protocols, the two important protocols for tackling seasonal allergies

I take a holistic approach to addressing my client's seasonal allergies. I thoroughly check the body for pH imbalances focusing on the face and neck, work through any mold toxicity issues, stimulating the body's detoxifications systems, and address gut imbalances. All of this allows the body to better deal with the stress of allergies.

Biomagnetism certainly had the largest impact on my seasonal allergies. There are, however, multiple holistic approaches for supporting yourself during allergy season. In the second part of this series, I'll be discussing dietary changes and herbal remedies for seasonal allergies.


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