What is a Colonic?

“If there's one thing to know about the human body; it's this: the human body has a ringmaster. This ringmaster controls your digestion, your immunity, your brain, your weight, your health and even your happiness. This ringmaster is the gut” Nancy Mure, PhD

As someone who struggled with chronic digestive complaints, I understand how true that statement is. It took me years to find the solution to my gut issues. One thing that helped me were regular colonics. I am fortunate enough to have a friend, Shannon, who is a colon hydrotherapist. Shannon and I chatted, before one of my colonics, about the most common and embarrassing questions people have about colon hydrotherapy. Here’s a round up of our discussion and other common colonic questions.

What is a colonic?

A colonic also know as colon hydrotherapy or a high colonic is the process of flushing the large intestine, the colon, with warm, filtered water. There are two types of colonic systems: a closed colonic system and an open colonic system. I’ve only experienced an open system colonic so that is what I will be discussing in this article. During a colonic, you relax on a specialized table with a small tube, inserted into the rectum, carrying water into the colon. The water hydrates the stool in the colon. You then push out the water and stool like you were having a bowel movement. This process is repeated until you are no longer eliminating stool, usually 45-60 minutes.

Colonic vs enema, what is the difference?

While both help to detoxify the body and eliminate stool the difference is in how through of a job they do. Enemas can be self-administered and only impact the lower portion of the colon, the rectum, sigmoid and a bit of the ascending colon. Colonics are done by a trained colon hydrotherapist and they irrigate a much larger portion of the large intestine. Enemas last 10-15 minutes. Colonics last 45-60 minutes. Enemas are inexpensive, just the cost of an enema kit $15-20. Colonics range in price from $60-120+. Both have their benefits. I recommend using whichever one is most available to you.

What are the benefits of a colonic?

The gut is responsible for waste removal, and it can get bogged down and not function properly. When you are not properly removing waste, the body becomes increasingly toxic. Signs that your gut is not functioning optimally are constipation, weight gain, difficultly sleeping, skin complaints, headaches, dietary and seasonal allergies, and food cravings.

The concept behind a colonic is cleaning out the gut. Just like a car, if you do not flush the system and change the fluids the engine will build up sludge and eventually stop working. Colon hydrotherapy helps to flush the gut, eliminating built up waste, allowing the body to function better. As anyone who has been constipated can attest to one good poo makes a world of difference.

Are colonics safe?

Colonics are generally considered safe. Before receiving one, a colon hydrotherapist will go over a detailed health intake. Based on your health history and health goals they will help you decide if a colonic is safe for you.