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Biomagnetism Protocol for Heart Health

Biomagnetism Protocol for Heart Health

Cardiovascular disease in the leading cause of death in the United States. This makes heart health important for all of us. Biomagnetism is a holistic approach that addresses many aspects of heart health. In this video you will learn a series of Biomagnetic Pairs focused on improving circulation, blood pressure and promoting a healthy cardiovascular system. If you have heart disease I recommend placing this series weekly. If using it preventatively place the Biomagnetic Pairs monthly. I encourage you to share this video with all of your loved ones. 


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The three pairs you learned in the video:

Right Carotid Artery (black) - Left Carotid Artery (red)

Right Temple (black) - Left Temple (red)

Right Kidney (black) - Left Kidney (red)

The color stated is the side of the magnet that needs to be facing the body. Leave your magnets on for 20 minutes. You can either place the pairs one at a time or all at once, depending on the number of magnets you have. Make sure to use Biomagnetism-grade magnets. Use this protocol monthly as a part of your heart health routine.   

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